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Debbie Harry and Joan Jett anchor the apocalyptic news for Blondie’s ‘Doom or Destiny’ music video

When Blondie released their 11th album in May of this year, we saw the band call on very hot for 2k17 songwriters like Dev Hynes and Charli XCX to contribute, but fans were also treated to a more heritage gift in the form of Doom Or Destiny. The lead single and album opener features longtime friends Debbie Harry and Joan Jett — uniting two of the most iconic women in rock history on one glorious protest song. “Is it doom or destiny?” the lyrics cry. Seems like it’s destiny — that we’ve ended up with a first-look at the brand new accompanying music video, that is.

Described by Debbie Harry as, “The most openly political video Blondie has ever done,” the cut and paste punk tribute was directed by friend of the band Rob Roth and inspired by the current state of the world. “In trying times we try harder,” adds Blondie co-founder Chris Stein, “politics have become the new pop culture phenomena.” In the video, Debbie and The Runaways former frontwoman Joan take over a television station to deliver a more real take on news.

As well as endless feminist slogans and an appearance from a familiar-looking sock puppet President, a delightful weather report for the rest of December includes soaring temperatures coinciding with an asteroid impact on the 29th, seven plagues on the 30th and thermonuclear war in time for NYE, before things spiral into total nuclear winter with lows of -27 before we steadily move into a state of post history. Oh well. Nasty women unite!
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