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Project Details

Title: Narcissister: This Masquerade

Client: Narcisister

Role: Director



Abrons Art Center New York, Feb 11-12, 17-19, 2011

Creator – Narcissister
Director – Rob Roth

Reconfiguring multiple feminisms, Narcissister’s power rests in her play with ambiguity. In This Masquerade, she is covered, she is nude; she is thin, she is chubby; she is black, she is white; she is Barbie, she is suicide bomber; she is Mammy, she is Marie Antoinette; she is bottom, she is top; she is punk, she is hip-hop; she is human, she is animal; she is body, she is mind. She asks us what it means to decapitate and devour our own heads — a question we can only answer with a curtsy.

  • Direction

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