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NME.COM – Blondie on their historic Havana trip: “It could have been a disaster”

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Debbie Harry remembers the NYC rockers’ first ever Cuba gigs – and the new film that documents them LINK TO ARTICLE


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Fearless punk icon Debbie Harry’s life has been anything but dull By Emma Elizabeth Davidson-  OCT 2019 Original article

Rolling Stone

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By Jon Blistein  2021 Original article


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Rob Roth Enlists Rebecca Hall for ‘Soundstage’ By Karl Saint Lucy - 29 SEP 2018 Award-winning Rebecca Hall is Rob Roth‘s co-star in Soundstage, but she only appears on screen. The show, currently


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Rebecca Hall Haunts Her No. 1 Queer Fan in ‘Soundstage’ By David Cote • 09/17/18 Rob Roth with projections of Rebecca Hall in Soundstage. Paula Court The etymological root of


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ROB ROTH’S “SOUNDSTAGE” FIRES UP ACOUSTIC IMAGINARIES - by KaiChieh Tu | 22nd Sep 2018Soundstage, conceived by residency artist Rob Roth at HERE, is a compelling stream of consciousness that

New York Times

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Rob Roth Previews the Black Party, a ‘Night to Let Go of Your Inhibitions’ By Brian Sloanmarch | March 29, 2017This Saturday night, thousands of gay men will don leather


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Jackie 60 was a laboratory for performance work that didn't belong in a theater but wasn't traditional nightclub fare either. By Johanna Fateman | A musician, writer, and an owner

Friends of the Highline

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Up Late: A Conversation with Rob Roth BY VICTORIA TRIPSAS | JULY 8, 2016On July 21, as part of Friends of the High Line's first-ever Up Late event on the

iD – newsflash: debbie harry and joan jett narrate the impending apocalypse

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When Blondie released their 11th album in May of this year, we saw the band call on very hot for 2k17 songwriters like Dev Hynes and Charli XCX to contribute, but fans were also treated to a more heritage gift in the form of Doom Or Destiny.