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Project Details

Title: Soundstage

Client: Here

Role: Director + Performer

Deliverable: Performance Installation


Currently in development at the HERE Theater Artist in Residence Program (HARP). Soundstage is an audio and visual performance poem created by artist Rob Roth. Using the language of cinema, the piece reflects and refracts a meditation on the muse and her remedy for loneliness. The piece projects different realities blending and dissolving in an alchemic journey where time, gender and reality transform.Soundstage was part of the 2016 Culturmart Festival.


Created and Directed by Rob Roth

Choreography by Vangeline

Performed by Rob Roth with Rebecca Hall

Text by Jason Napoli Brooks and Rob Roth

Original music by Yair Evnine, Kamala Sankaram and Rob Roth

Sound Design by Dave Yang

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