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–Director + Performer–

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Project Details

Title: Craig's Dream

Client: Click + Drag, Inc.

Role: Director + Performer



Craig’s Dream is an ‘alternative cabaret’ piece created and performed by artist Rob Roth. His mysterious canine character, Craig, is a damaged, fragile, mute creature who finds his only form of communication to be through music, along with a heavily-relied upon bottle of whiskey. Craig performs songs from the 1980’s New Wave genre reinterpreted as melancholic requiems for his own lost innocence and dreams.

Craig has appeared in a diverse collection of venues and media projects from Irving Plaza to The Plaza Hotel as well as in film and photo stories. Where Craig might show up next—to serenade a crowd with his heart-felt laments of dreams long lost—cannot be guessed, but he is always greeted with love.

Directed and performed by Rob Roth

Music arrangement by Chad Hammer and Dave Yang

Makeup by Jacqueline Valega,

Costumes by Kitty Boots and Todd Thomas

Photo Essay “Craig’s Dream” by Matthew Placek and Rob Roth. Featuring: Flawless Sabrina, Vangeline and Debbie Harry.

  • Production Design

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