Rob Roth | 29, September
Rob Roth Enlists Rebecca Hall for ‘Soundstage’ By Karl Saint Lucy - 29 SEP 2018 Award-winning Rebecca Hall is Rob Roth‘s co-star in Soundstage, but she only appears on screen. The show, currently running at HERE Arts Center in New York, is a striking visual catalogue of beautiful classic film and mixed-media live
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Rob Roth | 17, September
Rebecca Hall Haunts Her No. 1 Queer Fan in ‘Soundstage’ By David Cote • 09/17/18 Rob Roth with projections of Rebecca Hall in Soundstage. Paula Court The etymological root of nostalgia—the keynote of Rob Roth’s multimedia installation Soundstage—is drawn from the Greek words for “homecoming” and “sickness.” It’s the pain
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Rob Roth | 22, September
ROB ROTH’S “SOUNDSTAGE” FIRES UP ACOUSTIC IMAGINARIES - by KaiChieh Tu | 22nd Sep 2018Soundstage, conceived by residency artist Rob Roth at HERE, is a compelling stream of consciousness that flows along with the sound waves and vintage film footage. With stunning technicality and poetic sensitivity, the show paints and
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iD – newsflash: debbie harry and joan jett narrate the impending apocalypse
Rob Roth | 13, January

When Blondie released their 11th album in May of this year, we saw the band call on very hot for 2k17 songwriters like Dev Hynes and Charli XCX to contribute, but fans were also treated to a more heritage gift in the form of Doom Or Destiny.

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Rob Roth | 12, January

Blondie’s new music video for its song “Doom or Destiny” is a great example. It features Debbie Harry and Joan Jett as cunt mug-carrying anchors for news of the “impending apocalypse”. Described by Debbie Harry as, “The most openly political video Blondie has ever done,”

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Yahoo Music – The best music videos of 2017
Rob Roth | 12, January

12. Blondie, “Doom or Destiny”

How fitting in a year of political unrest and #MeToo that Debbie Harry has joined forces with fellow female badass Joan Jett for this amusing but apocalyptic news broadcast.

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New York Times
Rob Roth | 30, March
Rob Roth Previews the Black Party, a ‘Night to Let Go of Your Inhibitions’ By Brian Sloanmarch | March 29, 2017This Saturday night, thousands of gay men will don leather outfits or the skimpiest of black accessories to dance at a club on the Far West Side of Manhattan for
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Rob Roth | 09, June
Jackie 60 was a laboratory for performance work that didn't belong in a theater but wasn't traditional nightclub fare either. By Johanna Fateman | A musician, writer, and an owner of Seagull Salon in New York. She is working on a book about Andrea Dworkin.ON JUNE 28,2015—that hot Friday when
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Friends of the Highline
Rob Roth | 30, March
Up Late: A Conversation with Rob Roth BY VICTORIA TRIPSAS | JULY 8, 2016On July 21, as part of Friends of the High Line's first-ever Up Late event on the High Line, we're inviting visitors to roam the park after-hours and be transported as dancers, musicians, and visual artists illuminate
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Rob Roth is a multidisciplinary artist and director based in New York City, and received his BFA from Pratt Institute. Roth has continually combined a variety of media in his distinctive works of art–using theater, film, audio, and performance–to create the richly textured work showcased at such venues as the New Museum for Contemporary Art, PS122, Abrons Art Center, Galapagos Art Space, the Museum of Arts and Design, Deitch Projects, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others.

Roth’s work had its early fertilization in the 1990’s at New York City’s legendary underground nightclub, MOTHER, and his poetic visual language springs from his initial training as a painter. As an artist and believer in theater as ritual, Roth creates lyrical and mysterious works within a deconstructed narrative. With a critical eye on culture, he presents deep and poetic forms of film, theater and sound, usually within a hybrid of each.  His explorations of cinematic language and form within live performance, result in creations of haunting imagery influenced by renaissance painting, classic Hollywood films, and mystical chemistry, that combined, plumb the depths of eroticism, human sexuality and death.

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Text by Romy Ashby

Photo by Paula Court


DEBBIE HARRY: FACE IT With Chris Stein and Rob Roth
Rob Roth | 21, August

Join Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry for an illuminating evening as she introduces her long-anticipated memoir, FACE IT (Dey Street, October 1, 2019). Featuring an in-depth conversation, photos, a visual presentation and more, with Blondie co-founder and renowned photographer, Chris Stein, and multidisciplinary artist and director, Rob Roth. ALL TICKET PURCHASES

Read More Blondie’s Debbie Harry Reveals The Cover of Her Memoir ‘Face It’
Rob Roth | 14, October

The legendary singer gave a first glimpse at her new book’s cover. LINK TO ARTICLE

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